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Award Winning Interior Decorating
by Kate & Co.

We Have What You Haven’t Found

What­ev­er your dec­o­rat­ing taste or atmos­phere you want to cre­ate in your home we are your Inte­ri­or Dec­o­rat­ing Shop. Be it soft and fem­i­nine or mas­cu­line and rus­tic. From art nou­veau to mod­ern to min­i­mal­ist with icons from the past to the newest cre­ative cre­ations.

Sur­round your­self with rich colours, accent pieces, muse­um repli­ca­tion arti­facts, nos­tal­gic pieces, marine, nature, clas­sic, mod­ern and con­tem­po­rary lifestyle ele­ments.

Life as good as it gets‽ Have Kate & Co. amp up your life vol­ume to new excit­ing lev­els.

Avoid the rust­ed out feel­ing of the same old, same old.

Change your envi­ron­ment, change your life, envi­ron­ment is every­thing. Express your inner self, be dar­ing and adven­ture­some.

Come into our famous show­room and see thou­sands of items. Look­ing for ‘the’ unique­ly yours, we will source it and bring it in just for you.

Act now because what you see today maybe gone tomor­row.


LifeStyle Adven­tures


Life’s Rust

The unfairness (and wisdom) of paint.


Repaint­ing your home the same colour already feels like a waste. It’s a lot of effort mere­ly to keep things as they are…so we avoid it.

That’s when you need an Inte­ri­or Dec­o­ra­tor to cure what ails you.


But if you don’t do it, time and entropy kicks in and the house starts to fade, so grad­u­al­ly you don’t notice it.

Rust nev­er sleeps. Call Kate & Co. for your home­’s rem­e­dy.