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The ancient Romans had a word for it, they called it ‘dec­o­rare’, Latin for ’embell­ish’ or to add ‘beau­ty’, to make some­thing more attrac­tive, usu­al­ly by adding images or extra items to it; sur­round­ing one­self with icons of impor­tance or sym­bols speak­ing to some­thing else.

Pri­mor­dial man sur­round­ed them­selves with pic­tures of ani­mals or fig­ures usu­al­ly of con­quest, suc­cess­ful hunts not only to be talked about around the safe­ty and secu­ri­ty of fire as unseen move­ment, black shad­ows lurk­ing about, for more cre­ative mem­bers of the tribe to depict their world around them immor­tal­ized on walls of their caves echo­ing through the ages long after most had van­ished to the dust of time.

At Kate & Co. “we have what you haven’t found”.

Whether you are look­ing for a gen­er­al dec­o­ra­tive effect, colour scheme, fur­nish­ing, accents or room embell­ish­ment we have some­thing for you.

Height­en the lay­out and fur­nish­ings of an invit­ing liv­able inte­ri­or.

Bored? Want last­ing dra­ma? We can do that for you.

Have your sur­round­ing speak vol­umes, whis­per pur­pose and mean­ing, reflect your inner spir­it.

Be dar­ing, ignite your adven­ture­some spir­it.

Kate & Co Home Decor We Have What You Haven't Found