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    Step 1 Check Your NuWall­pa­per Check all batch & pat­tern num­bers match Check all rolls are undam­aged & free from mis­prints Check all col­ors match roll to roll & edge to edge Check you have suf­fi­cient rolls to com­plete the job, allow­ing for design repeat Step 2 Gath­er Your Tools Tape Mea­sure Lev­el (or Plumb Bob) & Pen­cil Ruler or Straight Edge Util­i­ty Knife & Plas­tic Smoother Set Step Stool or Step Lad­der Step 3 Pre­pare Your Walls Let the prod­uct acclimate/acclimatize in the room it will be applied, for a min­i­mum of 48 hours. Clean sur­face using warm water only. If chem­i­cal clean­ers, or soap is used, there can…

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    Flanders Fields

    FLANDERS FIELDS The Backstory Can you Imag­ine what a a severe thun­der storm with inces­sant light­ing turn­ing night into day? Now think of thun­der claps rat­tling win­dows and rolling thun­der crash­ing about with sud­den light­en­ing flash­es appear­ing before you. Now think of light­en­ing and thun­der hap­pen­ing non­stop all about you the air about you siz­zling with ener­gy, hurt­ing your ear, pres­sure waves bat­ter­ing your body. World War I is now into it’s sec­ond year, the time is 1915 and Cana­di­an sol­diers find them­selves fight­ing in Bel­gium at a loca­tion known as Ypres. What we know as Flan­ders Fields is a com­mon Eng­lish name of the World War I bat­tle­fields in an…

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    The Psychology of Colour Seminar with Sherwin-Williams

    Get your ticket now for this exciting event Limited Seating — Ticket Last Call Time is running out Call Now To Reserve Your Seat Now: +1 705 880 5283   The Psychology of Colour Seminar Colour Your Life by Kate & Co. Kate & Co. Interior Decorating Services Presents The Psychology of Colour Seminar Thurs  Feb 23  7–9 pm Limited Seating Tickets $25 info@kateco.ca Reserve Today +1 (705) 880‑5283 Special Offers, Giveaways, Draws, Refreshments and Goodies   Sherwin-Williams Guest Speaker: Emily Tremblay, Design Account Executive Emi­ly is a renown speak­er and lec­tur­er of The Psy­chol­o­gy Of Colour and how it affects our mood and qual­i­ty of life. This 2 hour sem­i­nar…

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